Minutes of FLF Meeting, September 21, 2016

Felton Library Friends Meeting

September 21, 2016 at Felton Community Hall

Approx. 35 people in attendance

Opening remarks, history, where we are now. Nancy Gerdt opened the meeting with introduction at 7:05 p.m.  and gave some history of the Felton Library project.

Building a Library and Community Involvement

Susan Nemitz, new  Library Director, discussed her past experiences building/remodeling libraries. Susan also said that it is more cost effective to have libraries all set up the same, but that our different communities are unique enough to have different types of libraries.

Measure “S” and will not cover the costs of everything at the new library. It will mostly cover the building, fixtures, furniture and some art. Outside area is not included in Measure S funds.  Fundraising will need to be done to finish what is not covered. Not sure how much money will needed to be raised yet.

Friends of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries, our 501c-3 umbrella organization, has hired Vivian Rogers as a fund raiser.

Strategic Plan

The ten branches in the Santa Cruz Library system are embarking on a series of community meetings at the site of each branch for the purposes of updating the system’s Strategic Plan. Felton’s Strategic Plan community meeting will be November 9. Community members attending this meeting will have the opportunity to say how they would like to use the library. What kinds of programs do people see happening there? Results of these meetings will assist staff in designing space and future programs.

In the Felton branch, inside library space will be designed to be flexible in order to easily respond to the possibility of future changes in programming. Study rooms and staff space would likely be exceptions to this. Very few changes can be made to the current building footprint because of the riparian corridor and site restrictions.

Many programs can be established such as senior programs, literacy, outreach to boys aged 10 to 18 who often lose interest in reading, etc.

Jim Mosher said we want an open, not closed system. We need lots of people for their input at strategic meeting. The more the better to hear what people want in their library.

Outdoor education area/Creekside Zone

The County purchased the second parcel across Bull Creek, which will be permitted as one project with the building.  In order to obtain a preliminary plan to submit for the permitting process, FLF contracted with Nature Explore to develop a concept plan for a children’s exploration area that will tie in with the environmental theme of the library. It could include outdoor programs such as nature, art, outside reading area, garden, climbing area.

Ideas for this area will continue to be explored with the community and with the landscape architect for the project, Joni Janecki.

County owns the land and County Parks Department will maintain the grounds.

Preliminary Construction Timeline  

  • Update plans and reports for CEQA and discretionary permits- January, 2017
  • CEQA and discretionary permit reviews and approval – June 2017
  • Final design and construction approvals – January 2018
  • Bidding and Award – March 2018
  • Begin Construction – April 15, 2018
  • Construction complete – Spring 2019
  • Move in – Spring 2019
  • Open – Summer 2019

Election of FLF Officers

Nancy Gerdt, chair. Jim Mosher, vice-chair. Michele Mosher, treasurer. Alexis Krostue, secretary.

Establishment of Teams

  • Grants/funding – Jim Mosher (team leader), Linda Fawcett, Donna Ziel, Kristin Praly, Nancy Gerdt
  • Restoration and Creekside Zone – Linda Skeff (team leader for restoration), Nina Moore, Gene & Helen Radcliffe, Helen Power, Dean Dubbe, Joan McVay, Kelley Skwarek, Karen Holl, Sean Wharton, Mira Haslam, Kristin Praly, Barbara Lewis, Nancy Gerdt, Michele Mosher
  • Community Events/meetings – Michele Mosher (team leader), Alexis Krostue, Kristen Praly, Diane McCormick
  • Publicity & Social Media – Paul Machis, Shelley King, Leigh Ann Gessner
  • Volunteers for tasks as needed – Phyllis Taylor, Marilyn Marzell, Robin Musitelli

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM.