Steering Committee Meeting, October 30, 2012

Present: Anita Lande, Phyllis Taylor, Michele Mosher, Nancy Gerdt, Paul Machlis.

The steering committee reflected on the past seven years and summarized where FLF stands at present in terms of its goal of a new branch library. Nancy shared the status of the Memorandum of Agreement regarding the property, the timeline for the Facilities Master Plan, and possibilities for future funding. The committee set some goals for the immediate future: to meet with our new 5th District Supervisor, meet with the Library Director, and continue to add to our list of people who can assist in our efforts, including people involved with “green building” (Jade St. building, the Phillips household, and local structures built according to LEEDS standards).

PM 10/31/12

Steering Committee Meeting February 28

Present: Bob Lewis, Barbara Lewis, Paul Machlis, Michele Mosher, April Zilber, Edna Lyles, Nancy Gerdt, Phyllis Taylor, Thomas Wynn, Lucy Martin

Nancy reported on the very successful 2nd Annual Readathon.
The group discussed the coming 8th annual Poetry Reading.  Three notable readers are firm: Jason McCluskey (PIC at Felton), Judy Anderson, Beth Hollenbeck.
Marilyn Robertson is coordinating exhibit cases at Felton.  Current exhibit is nail art by Bill Jurgens.  Next up is glass art by April Zilber.  Paul will post exhibit news and photographs.

Nancy reported on encouraging budgetary news in the SCPL system.  Additional hours will be funded to address a cataloging/processing backlog, and the needs of the ILS.  At the March JPB meeting, the Baord will discuss the planned increase in hours in July 2012.

The Tuesday evening storytime has not been successful at Felton or Garfield Park.  SCPL staff are distributing surveys to determine what days, times, and age groups fit the needs of these two branches.

A $200 donation has been received and acknowledge by Nancy.  Local Girl Scouts have sold cookies with benefits going to FLF.

Reading in the Redwoods group will discuss Thunderstruck by Erik Larson at its March 28 meeting.

Nancy reported on developments regarding the Verutti property.  The next meeting will involve a large number of County planning and legal staff.  Once FLF knows the timeline, we will return to making lists of additional community members who can contribute to fundraising, grant writing, and community involvement.

The next Steering Committee meeting is April 24.  Among the agenda topics will be the summer programs for children, including New Leaf’s interest in that program.

Paul 3/2/12

Steering Committee Meeting November 29, 2011

Present: Thomas Wynn, Anita Lande, Phyllis Taylor, Edna Lyles, Nancy Gerdt, Paul Machlis, Michele Mosher.

We opened with library news: The new ILS (computer system) and remaining problems, a coming new member and new chair to the JPB, new hours and staff at Felton in January, the FSCPL brochure just published, and a coming volunteer coordinator for non-Friends volunteers.

Read-a-Thon:  Nancy will work with Marilyn who will call readers.  We agreed to the branch as the location and discussed possible starting times.  Michele will work on the poster, Paul will handle PR.  Event will be the 2nd annual one and will be scheduled for February.  Marilyn will first check with the branch manager re scheduling.

Poetry Reading.  Anita will coordinate receipt of emailed poems.  Paul will handle PR.  Tentative date is Wednesday April 25 pending room availability.

Verutti land: A meeting in January will provide more information on the possibility of County ownership. Should that proceed, FLF would then meet with Director Landers regarding possible interim plans for the property.

We discussed how FLF might better represent itself with the SLV Chamber of Commerce and the two business associations.  Thomas discussed ways in which the three groups are cooperating, including beautification of the Valley.  FLF will try to have a rep at the mixers or the quarterly breakfast meetings.  Potential volunteers to this and/or the JPB are Michele, Paul, Anita, Phyllis, Donna, and Nancy.

Next meeting is January 24, 2012.


Minutes 9/27/11

Present: Donna Ziel, Paul Machlis, Anita Lande, Michele Mosher, Nancy Gerdt.

  • Tales to Tails is going well.  FLF may need additional volunteers.
  • Marilyn Robertson has mounted a Poe display.  Additional displays are planned by FLF members.
  • Nancy, Michele, Anita, and Paul will meet on October 14 to review web and email procedures.  The plan is to issue a monthly email newsletter, that will be aesthetically attractive, and that will include both social events (programs, clubs, etc.) and political news (regarding the Felton issue).
  • Nancy reported on JPB news.
  • The steering committee will next meet on November 29.


Meeting Minutes July 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Attending: Nancy Gerdt, Paul Machlis, Thomas Wynn, Michele Mosher, Donna Ziel, Frank Adamson, Phyllis Taylor, Anita Lande, Sherry Skoll, Edna Lyles, Nina Moore.

Nancy reported on the July JPB meeting: improved sales tax revenues, new ILS coming in the Fall, and changes to meeting room policies. The next JPB meeting is September 12.

Phyllis and Sherry reported on FSCPL: revised policies, the Big Read event (Edgar Allen Poe) coming in October. Members expressed interest in having a Felton component of the event, perhaps at the Felton Community Hall (small room) or the Covered Bridge, or perhaps an outdoor film related to Poe. Phyllis announced her resignation as FLF representative and she was thanked for her exceptional service. FLF will put the word out for a new volunteer. Sherry will step down as President of the FSCPL Board, but will remain as a member.

For the new website, the group expressed a preferance for images of the current building, one of the drawings by Teal Messer for a future building, and possibly a third picture (either the pre-graffiti version of the sign in front of the property, or a picture from 2005 of FLF members on the property). Paul will continue to work on the new website, possibly with a consultant.

PM 7/11

Meeting Minutes April 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Attending: Nancy Gerdt, Paul Machlis, Beth Benjamin, Michele Mosher, Donna Ziel, Frank Adamson, Phyllis Taylor, Anita Lande.

FLF website: Voted to hire web consultant to assist with migration from Dreamweaver-based site to a more accessible Blogger or WordPress site. Reviewed purposes of site: available for public searches on Felton and SC library issues, hub for information during political action, information about Felton Library events, provides contact info and donation info. Suggested features: comment area, search box, FAQ, calendar, links to JPB, FSCPL, other sites.

JPB report: need for continued action to preserve and improve SLV library services.

FSCPL report: discussion of how Friends money (from fundraising, book sales, etc.) is spent, how expenditures are decided and reviewed.

Summer programs: FLF is sponsoring five children’s programs in addition to the two offered by FSCPL on Tuesdays 1:30-2:30 6/14-7/30. FLF will participate in New Leaf Community Day to raise approximately $1000 to finance these programs, and New Leaf will be listed as a sponsor of the programs.

FLF meetings: The May FLF meeting will occur Monday evening, May 23 in order to include more people in the discussion of next steps for FLF.