AmeriCorps Team at the Library Site–How You Can Help Out

The restoration of the library site will get a huge boost from six days of work in late January and early February by an AmeriCorps team of 12 young adults. The team will work on clearing the land of invasive plant species under the leadership of Linda Skeff, Co-leader of the Felton Library Friends Restoration Team.

How you can help out:

  • Community members will be invited to join the team for some hands-on work. Stay tuned for specific dates in a future FLF email.

  • Donations of food (or gift certificates to New Leaf), tools such as shovels and picks, and supplies for the Team’s residence would be greatly appreciated. The team also needs gently used twin beds and linens and some sitting room furniture.

Contact Linda Skeff:


Background information:

The Valley Women’s Club, San Lorenzo Valley Restoration Project, and Santa Cruz County Parks Collaborated to bring the AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) team this January through March 2017.  The team will engage in an ongoing effort to clear invasive flora to help heal riparian habitat throughout San Lorenzo Valley, including the Felton library site, Highlands Park and Quail Hollow Ranch.

AmeriCorps NCCC is a national program that enlists young adults from across the country who spend 10 months serving communities and developing leadership skills through direct, team-based national and community service. Their work focuses on disaster relief, infrastructure improvement, environmental stewardship, energy conservation, and urban and rural development.

FLF Quarterly meeting minutes, December 7, 2016

Felton Library Friends Meeting

December 7, 2016

Approx. 24 people in attendance

Opening remarks, history, where we are now. Nancy Gerdt opened the meeting with introductions at 7:00 PM. She mentioned that prior to the Measure S campaign, Felton Library Friends was fairly inactive due to due to changes in the library system and uncertainty regarding the future of the Felton library. During that period, an executive committee met as needed. But with the passage of Measure S funding for the new library, FLF is reinstating meetings and recruiting new members and leadership.  

Building a Library and Community Involvement
The County is the project manager for the library. Recent CCC crew work will allow for additional survey work. The architect and his team, including an arborist, civil engineer, landscape architect and others, are working towards a site plan. In January or February the County will host a community meeting to present the work to date and will answer questions and listen to comments from the public.  

Projected Timeline

  • CEQA and discretionary permit reviews and approval – August 2017
  • Final design and construction approvals – January 2018
  • Begin Construction – April 15, 2018
  • Construction complete Spring 2019
  • Interior furnishing Spring 2019
  • Open – Summer 2019


Grants & fundraising for restoration of land

Jim Mosher, team leader, reported on progress made by the Grants and Fundraising team.  The first priority is the removal of invasives from the property, which has already begun with CCC teams working on the land.  Additional funding is needed to complete the process.   This would be the first step in the restoration of the land, and the team envisions this as a demonstration project that would include educational elements to inform the community about the restoration process.  He noted that this cannot be covered by Measure S funds, since it involves the land on the other side of Bull Creek, which will be managed by the County Parks Department.  Neighboring SLVWD shares a property line and is also actively participating in the restoration project on their land.

The team will also be hosting a visit to the land by the current District Manager of the CCC; the CCC itself may be able to dedicate some funding to the project.  Other funding sources are also being investigated.


Events Team

Lots of ideas are being processed by the events team for future dates.

Diane McCormick will set up an information table at an event at SLE on Friday to talk with parents. Approximately eight artists will be installing their work at the library site in the spring/summer.  Planning for a festival in May is in the early stages. The event will be followed by an online auction of the artwork sometime later in the summer.


Treasurer’s Report

Michele Mosher reported that FLF donated $4,000 to the Measure S campaign in February  (as requested by FSCPL), spent $6500 for Nature Explore plans in April  (as requested by Public Works for permitting purposes) and contributed $4000 towards CEQA expenses in July  (as requested by the County). The balance in FLF’s account with FSCPL is $10,064.



Shelly King is working on the website built by FLF member Mitchell Kembrough. The website will show progress on the development of the library and land, fundraising events, volunteer profiles, history of FLF, and more. She would like people to take pictures of events and send them to her to post on FLF’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  


Strategic Plan powerpoint

Jim Mosher gave a powerpoint that summarizes information gathered at the Library staff’s Strategic Planning meeting for the Felton branch in November at which community members expressed their ideas for the new library. The full report will be available on FLF’s new website.


Teams & Volunteers

Jim Mosher talked about the teams and the opportunities to be a part of the project. There will be an executive committee made up of the co-chairs of each team that will meet as needed. FLF general membership will meet quarterly., with the next meeting Wednesday March 8.


Meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM

FLF Meets Wed Dec. 7 at Felton Firehouse

Please come 

to a meeting of Felton Library Friends
Wednesday, Dec. 7, 7-8 p.m.
Felton Firehouse meeting room on Gushee Street.  7-8 pm.

Be a part of shaping our new Felton branch library for San Lorenzo Valley. Hear about exciting progress from our teams for land restoration, grants/fundraising, events, art, and media and a report from the Library Strategic Plan meeting on what our community would  like in the new library.

     Bring your ideas and energy– join other community members in positive local action that will contribute to the well being of people of all ages in SLV

Library Strategic Planning Meeting Nov 9 in Felton

Your Presence is Requested
Felton Library Strategic Plan Meeting

Wednesday, November 9 – 7:00 pm  at the Felton Community Hall Meeting Room on Kirby Street.  

What do you want to happen in the new Felton Branch? Santa Cruz Library staff wants to know your priorities, passions, values and experiences with the library so they can shape a library future that serves our SLV community.

Come for a roundtable conversation with Library staff and the New Director, Susan Nemitz. What are the strengths and challenges our community faces? What programs and services of the library can help meet those challenges and build on those strengths?

Can’t attend? Go to to complete a brief online survey before Nov. 1.