About Felton Library Friends

Felton Library Friends (FLF) is a group of San Lorenzo Valley residents dedicated to promoting excellent public library services for Felton and surrounding areas. Central to our purpose is support for a new Felton branch library as an essential component of our community. FLF is a chapter of the Friends of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries.

What Does FLF Do?

We undertake a variety of projects to publicize the need for a new Felton branch library, to raise funds for it, and to assist the Santa Cruz Public Library administration and its board (called the Joint Powers Board) reach that goal. We also work to improve library services in the current building and to promote appreciation and use of our local library.

Our Mission Statement

Felton Library Friends is dedicated to excellent library collections and services for the residents of Felton and surrounding areas. Central to our purpose is support for a Felton branch library — including its staff, print and other materials, and activities — as
an essential component of the community life valued by our library users.

Our Statement of Goals

  • To support library service in the current building, including building improvements if possible.
  • To support and participate in the planning, design, and completion of a new branch building.
  • To increase participation by Felton Library users in the discussion and resolution of issues of the Santa Cruz Library system as a whole,especially as they pertain to Felton branch users.
  • To assist in finding alternative community use of the Belardi Memorial if the library moves to another location.

Below is FLF’s 2005 Statement of Mission and Goals.  In addition, the following help explain FLF’s positions and goals:

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Vision Statement (2006)
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